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Unleash your creative side with free hands-on art activities for all skill levels and ages.

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Just like Clark Kent, learn how to be a superhero and media professional all in one place.

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Learn how to morph faces or fix blemishes in less than 5 minutes in our state-of-the-art Mac lab.

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Transport yourself with immersive virtual reality technology and see what an impact visual media make.

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Enjoy a snack or grab a meal from several delicious food vendors outside in our beautiful fountain area.

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Where you can find out more about the various majors of study available for GUST students.

Virtual Reality Demo


Want to know what happens when you mix powerful visuals with powerful technology? Then come and see the future for yourself with these fun virtual reality experiences.



We all know that Photoshop can do wonders to make people look better, but have you ever wondered how to make people look intentionally worse? If so, this face-morphing activity is just right for you.

Acrylic Painting


The great people of ArtSpace Kuwait have brought lots of fun artistic materials for your creative enjoyment.

Chalkboard Demo


Witness live demonstrations of the ancient art of chalkboard design (ok, it’s not really ancient, but it is really cool).

Origami Folding


Did you look inside your goodie bag? If so, you’ll notice an original origami gift. Come sit with the people who designed it for guided instruction on how to make some epic paper art.

Green Screen Hero


Come see how some simple editing magic can transform you into flying superhero. You can even get a video of yourself to share with others (if you want to revel your secret identity that is).

Selfie Booth


The Strike A Pose (SAP) company is supplying an instant photography and print station for that perfect selfie or group image.

Interview Station(s)


Ever want to be a reporter or a fearless journalist? Well here’s your chance to interview your friends and see the entire thing on TV.

Studio Tours


Take a sneak peek at the MCM radio and TV studios where we are training the next generation of Kuwait’s digital media professionals.

AAB Equipment Trial


Try some incredible cutting-edge media gadgets under the expert tutelage of Kuwait’s leading equipment supplier, AAB World.