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An educational conference
Organized by the MCM Department at GUST
THE SEEN Memorable Moments
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THE SEEN - Day 1: Engaging
THE SEEN - Day 2: Embracing
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THE SEEN - Day 3 - Emerging
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Abdullah AlSanousi
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Come To Hear From Some Of The Best and Brightest Visual Specialists In The Country
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Eight Workshops
Nearly 40 contributors
Three Days, Three Themes
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Experience A Wide Range
Illustration, Photography, Art and Advertising
Of Visual Treats
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Jawaher Al-Bader
Slide 8- Nasser Al-Qatan.png
Nasser Al Qattan
Slide 13- Mohammed Sultan.png
Mohammed Sultan
Slide 7- Lubna.png
Lubna Saif Abbas
Slide 9- Dalal Al-Nafisi.png
Dalal Al Nafisi
Slide 10- Zainab Abdal.png
Zainab Abdal
Slide 11- Said Zeineddine.png
Said Zeineddine
Slide 12- Yasmine El Charif .png
Yasmine El Charif
Slide 14 Abdelaziz Al-Sorayah.png
Abdulaziz Al Sorayia
Slide 15 Ameera Bahbahani.png
Amira Behbehani
Slide 16 Elie Atik.png
Elie Atik
Nasser Al Qattan
Slide 17 Lila Al-Maghrabi.png
Laila Al Gharabally
Slide 19-Shruooq Ameen.png
Shurouq Amin
Slide 20- Tania Shammas.png
Tania Shammas
Slide 21- Thurayah Al-Baqsami.
Thuraya Al-Baqsami
Slide 22- Yousef Al-Baqshi.png
Yousef Al Baqshi
Slide 23- Abdullah Al-Sanousi.png
Abdullah AlSanousi
Slide 24- Anwar Salah.png
Anwaar Al Sousi
Slide 25- Badryah Al-Hajrih.png
Badriyah AlHajri
Slide 26- Nouryah Al-Mass.png
Nouriya Al Mass
Saud Aljuwaiyan
Slide 27- Saud Aljuwaiyan.png
Slide 18 Sami Hana.png
Sami Hanna
Slide 28- Faisal Al-Saei.png
Faisel Al Saei
Fahad Dhawi.png
Fahad Dhawi
Slide 29-Sara Chouari.png
Sara Chouari

THE SEEN: Engaging, Embracing, Emerging - Visual Communication Conference. April, 9~11, 2018.