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Amira Behbehani a Kuwaiti self-taught artist who grew up constantly exposed to art through her uncle (Jawad Boushahri), who himself was an artist and gallery owner. In 1992, she began working fulltime in her uncle’s company, Boushahri Group, as part of the creative advertising team.  In 2001, she switched careers to follow her passion for art and painting, participating in various international and local art exhibitions. Most of her work deals with subject matter deeply rooted in her childhood spent between Kuwait and Iran. In 2011, she became involved in an international peace organization called PEACE ONE DAY and marked Kuwait as the first Arab country to celebrate peace on the 21 September 2012. In 2013, she was appointed the peace ambassador for WPMP (Peace Project Marker Project) in Kuwait, and in 2015 became a member in the organization Abolish 153. In April 2016 was awarded the Arab Women Award – Kuwait.

Talk Title: The McDonaldization of Visual Artistry. Tuesday, April 10, 1:00-1:15 - GUST Campus / W6-500