MCM Students Take Leading Roles

According to Ms. Antonia Jolic, Visual Communication Instructor in the MCM Department and lead faculty organizer for The SEEN, "Our department is always eager to find ways that we can help students develop skills and apply themselves outside of the classroom. But this is a challenge since we only have them in class for such a short period each day." The SEEN conference has provided an opportunity for the department to help overcome that challenge.

Students enrolled in classes from each of the three concentrations offered by the department (visual communication, digital media production, and public relations and advertising) were assigned to help prepare various elements for the conference. "Our visual communication students are creating all the visual materials, our digital media students are documenting interviewing speakers and the process, and many of our PR students are assisting with the planning and publicity. We even have classes in motion graphics making short digital animations and the photojournalism classes taking photos," said Ms. Jolic. Added to these efforts has been the active involvement of numerous students from the Media Club. 

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