Celebrating Kuwait’s Visual “SEEN”

Visual culture is rapidly gaining attention in Kuwait as local artists and designers incorporate new technologies, media forms, and ideas into their work, spanning a variety of creative pursuits. From April 9-11, THE SEEN conference brings many of these talented people and their ideas into one place: The GUST Campus. THE SEEN is organized jointly by students and faculty in the Mass Communication and Media Department at GUST. The conference contains three categories of events (speakers, workshops and hands-on activities) spread across three days, each with a different theme (Engaging, Embracing and Emerging).


Each day, photographers, artists, illustrators and advertising creatives share their ideas and experience related to visual communication, with a total of 27 speakers represented.


Exciting workshops help transfer the expertise of several professional trainers on topics related to art and design, such as Illustration, Artistic Expression, Environmental Graphic Design, Pattern Design, Sketching, Brush Lettering Calligraphy, and iPhone-ography.


As a final treat, THE SEEN offers fun hands-on activities that allow everyone to participate, ranging from virtual reality and technology demonstrations to applied arts and basic graphic design. Most activities take place from 10:00-15:00 on April 9, and 9:00-15:00 on April 10 & 11. They are spread across different zones around the GUST campus



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